Jazzaxe 2006

In 2006, I embarked on a journey to create my very first custom-built guitar, which I proudly named the Jazzaxe. Drawing inspiration from the iconic offset models of the sixties, the Jazzaxe exudes a vintage charm with a modern twist. Its design is both visually striking and ergonomically pleasing, making it a standout piece.

The Jazzaxe is not just about looks; its sound is truly exceptional. The guitar produces a rich, versatile tone that is both unique and captivating. At its core are two high-quality humbuckers: a Kloppmann at the bridge and a Mojotone at the neck, offering a perfect blend of warmth and clarity. Additionally, a Dummy-Single-Coil-Pickup is ingeniously installed in the electronics cavity, adding another layer to its sonic palette.

One of the standout features of the Jazzaxe is the ability to split the neck pickup via the CTS One Meg volume pot, providing an impressive range of tones from a single instrument. This feature allows for seamless transitions between full humbucker power and the crisp, clean sound of a single coil.

Enhancing its superior playability and sustain, the Jazzaxe features Sperzel Locking Tuner, a through-neck construction and a one-piece ABM Bridge. This design choice ensures maximum resonance and stability, making every note you play richer and more defined.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Jazzaxe is a testament to both its aesthetic and auditory excellence. Whether you are playing smooth jazz, gritty blues, or high-energy rock, this guitar delivers with precision and style. The Jazzaxe is more than just an instrument; it’s a masterpiece that invites you to explore new musical horizons.

New Specs for Mary Goore

The Mary Goore Guitar was already a sensational sounding guitar. But do you know that feeling that the last bit of excellence is still missing? So here’s a new experiment: the ’62 neck instead of the Scheuer neck, the ’70 pickguard with ST62 pickups from Kloppmann with a Custom circuit (270 kohm Volume Poti & No-Tone-Mod for the Neck-Pickup) instead of the ’54 pickguard with Mojotone pickups. I am very impressed with the result. Only the look of the body is still too shiny, too less distressed. Let’s see what else I can do.

Blue Eye Hardtail 2024

Introducing the Blue Eye, a guitar that melds stunning aesthetics with powerful sound. Completed in 2024, this instrument boasts a sleek Sonic Blue finish that captivates the eye. The maple neck, complemented by a rosewood fretboard, ensures smooth playability and a touch of classic elegance.

Equipped with the renowned Kloppmann Errorhead Marcus Deml pickup set, the Blue Eye delivers an extraordinary sonic experience. The humbucker at the bridge provides a robust and commanding tone, perfect for those powerful riffs and solos. Complementing this are two single coils that add a remarkable range of tonal versatility, allowing for everything from crisp, clean tones to warm, bluesy vibes. Enhancing its performance, the Callaham bridge adds to the guitar’s superior sustain and resonance.

With the Blue Eye, you’re not just playing a guitar – you’re making a statement. Its striking appearance and exceptional sound quality make it the ultimate choice for any discerning musician. Elevate your performance and captivate your audience with the Blue Eye.